Blogging, here we go

The basics about me: I’m Whitney, 21, Baylor University student, Professional Writing Major, Fort Worth native…

This is my first blog. I like the idea of having a blog. Thank you Dr.Alexander. Dr. Alexander is one of my professional writing professors. She is requiring that we keep a blog for class. So I will be telling whoever reads me (probably just Dr. A and my classmates) about what I learn in my multimodal composition class. I hope to use this blog for more than that though; I’d like to express how I feel throughout my last year of college, what I think about other classes, and what’s going on in my day to day life.

All of you are probably wondering why I named this blog Load Up Molly. Answer= mainly because every other name I thought of was taken, but I also wanted it to encompass me. When trying to think of a user name for my blog, I thought of everything I am. I am a young woman who still feels more like a girl, a student, a sister, daughter, girlfriend, friend, writer, reader. I love to run, sail, camp, travel, do anything outdoors. I’m in BIC, a really nerdy honors program. I’m a Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Chi sweetheart, a homecoming float chair. I am a lot of things. I could not narrow myself down with a crafty name that somehow expresses all these things I am. So I decided to name this blog, or at least my user name, something I say everyday: “Load up Molly.”

Molly is my border collie. She is a smart, sweet, full-of-personality dog. She goes with me wherever I can take her and when we go, I say, “load up Molly” and she jumps in the backseat of my car. I say this pretty much everyday. Load up Molly, we’re going places. I like that. I’m a sap and I love Molly, but mainly I like that I’m going places, not just down the street to HEB or a friend’s house, but places in that great sea of options, opportunity, and the unknown: the world after college. This year will be a bitter-sweet adventure for me. I am nervous and excited. Molly doesn’t have a clue, but when it’s time to move on, she knows what “load up” means. Sometimes when I am trying to get myself motivated, to do something, or go somewhere, I think of how quickly Molly jumps to go. I want to jump at my future in excitement that way, to trust the Lord with my destination the way Molly trusts me.


One thought on “Blogging, here we go

  1. My 1st dog was a collie, and my parents’ dog is named Molly, so I like your handle. Thank you for the comment. I write short stories in my off time, and eventually want to start a novel. Maybe I can post something in the future on my blog. It’s good to see I am finally in the right place, and around people with similar interests.


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