One stands out

At seven o’clock, Sigma Chi’s at Baylor have their weekly meetings, and I, being the lucky girl I am, get to come talk to these boys (excuse me…young men) at the beginning of their meeting. I dote on the fraternity’s accomplishments, honor the “Sig of the week,” with a little gift, tell them about upcoming events and rewards for involvement.  Mainly, I come to say, “good job guys, y’all are great.” And they are. I love these guys.

An old picture of some of the guys at their philanthropy event, Derby Days, with some local kids. Lance is the guy laying at the bottom playing with the kids instead of looking at the camera.

But when I come to say good job, baked goods also come with me. One thing a Sweetheart of a fraternity does is…bring the food. I walk up those stairs with baskets of cookies, trays of dessert pizzas, buckets of fruit kabobs, brownies, whatever else. Not everything is baked, I admit. And My roommate, Terrell, helps me out a ton.

Today was Wednesday. Today I didn’t bake, and I regret it. If it gives you a clue as to why I regret not baking, this is how I introduced the treat for the day: “I’m embarrassed. It’s looks like alien throw-up, but it tastes good. I promise. I tried it.” My mom made this punch when I was little. It’s Sherbert in a bowl of 7-up and orange juice. When I made it, the juice looked like pee, and the Sherbert looked like lumpy green…something. Hmmm. And then I told them birthday dinner was on thursday, and they asked “this week?” I only realized when I got home that I should have said “Tomorrow,” instead of “Thursday.” Oh Whitney.

The punch I made looked similar to this, maybe worse

 Sometimes I think the job of being sweetheart must seem sexist and stereotypical to some people. I cook for guys. I kind of feel like a mom sometimes. But, I love to cook. What’s the point of sweetheart? I think it’s just to care about the guys in a genuine way, a less testosterone filled way. Hmmm. Sweetheart is such a romantic term…these guys are more like brothers…except one. One stands out in the crowd to me.

me and lance


One thought on “One stands out

  1. maybe you should advocate for them changing the name “sweetheart”… maybe to something like “baked-goods bearer” or “ambassador from the female race”
    post some of your recipes! how about some lava juice?


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