Texting and Driving PSA

In class, we are creating audio public service announcements. I was telling my friend about this project, and she told me about a PSA she had recently seen. This psa is about texting while driving, was aired in Britain and was very controversial. It is pretty graphic, but I believe it is effective. When people tangibly see the effects texting and driving can have, they will think twice before pulling their cell phone out on the road. I recently had a friend who was killed this summer in a car accident, and I have heard that it may have been because of texting in the car.

Do you think this PSA is effective? Do you think it is unnecessarily graphic? I think sometimes going overboard is required, just like Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.” The effects of texting and driving can be disastrous. This video is a sad, gruesome truth.


2 thoughts on “Texting and Driving PSA

  1. I think the topic is all too relevant in today’s society–I know I’m guilty of texting while driving (and my boyfriend fusses at me about it, as does my mom). I know this PSA was created for a British audience, but I think that it would be more effective if it was a little toned down. Overly dramatic elements, like the jaws of life or the section where the girl’s car is spinning, didn’t really help their ethos.


    • I don’t know, The jaws of life and spinning cars is a sad reality and an effect of simple mistakes made in seconds. I’m glad you found the topic interesting though, thanks for your comment and opinion.


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