The Picks of 2009: My photography of the everyday

I love seeing the world differently; it puts life into perspective and shows how multifaceted creation and our Creator is. Sometimes a camera helps a lot because you can focus on just one moment in time. You can capture a frame, see the small picture rather than the large one we always crave (at least I like to see the big picture, the plan laid out). But Anne Lamott says “just take it bird by bird,” and I try to take that to heart. One day at a time. One little step after another. Stop to smell the roses, right?

The first few pictures are of everyday things: wind-chimes, an outdoor stair case, a kitchen sink scrub brush. The picture of the lake is a sunrise view from my childhood window in my parent’s home. The view out of the door is from the bedroom of a good friend of mine. All of these photos are of items and views I encounter everyday. I especially like these pictures because I remember that beauty is all around me, even in the simplest, smallest things. It is cliche, yes, but thankfully, I find it is true.


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