What to do with Alone Time

Coming back this semester feels a lot different than my past semesters of college. This is my last semester at Baylor. Lance, my boyfriend, is in Dallas for his internship, so I also feel different with him not being down the street. Many of my friends have already graduated, and my own job search begins. Life beyond college looms on my horizon and that great unknown lends both to my excitement and anxiety.Change is often hard to embrace, but with change I try to remind myself frequently that God is the only constant variable.

Classes had not begun, rush was over, and most my friends were occupied, so the first half of today I was home alone with free-time. Most of the time I rather dislike alone free-time, because if I am alone and if my time is free…if I have nothing of importance to do with myself, I feel unproductive. What is a life that is unproductive? Countering the unproductive is simple enough: produce.

Today I decided to work on my T-shirt quilt. I am making a quilt from all my college, sorority, and fraternity T-shirts. Right now I am just in the cutting out stage. I’ll add a soft backing eventually and have a comfy quilt,recycled, and full of memories. Below are a few of the squares I laid out. It’s only a rough estimate of what the quilt may look like.

I also played with my new sewing machine (Christmas Present–Thank you Nanna). I made an old pair of pants that were two short into shorts with a decorative hem. It’s really sloppy, but it was also my first time on a sewing machine since I was eight.

I also practiced a blind hem on another pair of pants to make them into capri pants. I’m not finished with them yet, and they aren’t perfect, but practice, practice, practice and I will move closer to perfection.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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