Into the woods

Lance’s mother’s house is on a hill with a beautiful view of the woods, and an inspiring little creek. The landscape is so colorful; the Dog woods with their white flowers were everywhere and those pretty purple trees and the yellow flowers that bunch and cling to fences lit the side of the swerving roads. I talked Lance into taking a walk with me in the woods. He had only brought flip-flops and shorts, so he wasn’t enthusiastic, and wasn’t thrilled when he found a tick on his leg in the shower afterward. 

While we were in the woods, I thought about the paper I just wrote about adults and imagination for my children’s literature class. Adults shouldn’t let their imaginations slide into a Peter Pan-absent never-never land of no return. Children see things freshly. Just remember what it was to peer into the woods and see a creek as a child. It wasn’t just a wood and a creek, it was another world of possibilities. When we walked in the woods, I thought about Tom Sawyer and Huck Fin playing pirates and robbers, I thought about Lord of the Rings and the Ents– trees coming to life, I thought about The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe –fauns in the woods with christmas presents, I thought about trolls, and talking animals, forts, buried treasure, indians, and I thought of my childhood…the hours of play in the woods where I could be anything I wanted.

Life was simple and beautiful. Why do we have to grow out of that? We shouldn’t. The woods are still beautiful and mysterious. On our drive back from church three deer appeared out of the trees. Where were they before? They are out there, all the time, only sometimes choosing to reveal themselves. hummingbirds with rapid wings fly by the window when you least expect it.

At church, a squirming little boy sat in front of us. He made space ship noises as he guided a pencil through the air with his little fingers. The preacher spoke of the importance of family and commitment to the people we love. It was a good Easter. We spent time with Lance’s sweet mother and her boyfriend (who is so funny) and enjoyed wonderful home cooked food. We saw God’s beauty in the Natural State, and I saw the sweet innocence of viewing the world with fresh eyes and an openness to possibilities. That is, afterall why Christ died and rose for us, is it not.

Thank you Lord for Your son’s life and death for the forgiveness of our sins. Thank you for the beauty you show us everyday. Thank you for family and good food to nourish our bodies and remind us of your goodness. Thank you for possibilities and the imagination to perceive your promises. Thank you for imaginations that let us turn pencils into space ships. Thank you for the times in life when we must stop to breathe and trust in you, when we must practice faith and know that You are God and that Your will is great, greater than our own earthly desires. Thank You.


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