Dad Racked Grandma on a Seesaw

Labor day weekend Lance and I drove to Arkansas and went camping on Lake Degray with his mom and Ernest, her boyfriend. Molly came with us and we had the best time. Lance and I had a tent and Angela and Ernest had their RV. Lance and I woke up half on the hard ground cause the air mattress deflated and I came home with a sunburned nose- but those tid bits just made the trip better! The weather was perfect– cool in the mornings and about 85 during the day on the lake.

Saturday morning I woke up really early (air mattress woke me up) and Molly and I took a 2.5 mile run on the trails. There were rope bridges, and…a bunch of other cool bridges, but the best part was when I came to an over-look to the foggy morning lake. Earlier, before my run when I had walked to the bathrooms, I walked to the beach and the lake was so still…I thought, there you are God. Pure noise- nature noise- quiet the way God made it.

Sooooo I wanted to post a picture of our time in Lake Degray, but we didn’t take any. Shame on us. But my parents told me when I got home that Lake Degray was where we went camping once when I was little…so I thought I’d put some pictures up of that. I went through all my parents old pictures and…quite funny…all I found were the pictures of when my dad racked my grandma on the seesaw on that camping trip. (Nan-forgive me for putting these online, but why else would anyone visit my blog?) Dad got up, then sat back down…and good thing it wasn’t a guy on that end of the see-saw. Notice the red cup…Dr. Pepper? Iced Tea? Adult Beverage? Also notice me laughing at Nanna- what a cruel child.

So, Lake Degray is fun 🙂

Hmm other notes for the week:

Rainy weather makes me sad, so does saying goodbye to Lance. I feel really happy after exercising. Baths are relaxing. And I really liked my outfit today. Take a look (P.S – my aunt bought that belt at an estate sale years ago. It’s awesome and has pearls and silver beads all over it).

Maybe fashion majors and gossip girls will think its poorly done, but I don’t care.


One thought on “Dad Racked Grandma on a Seesaw

  1. Dear Whitney,

    I want to go camping, your family pictures are a hoot, saying goodbye to boyfriends is sad and now I know how you feel, and your outfit is adorable, regardless to what any xoxo hoity-toity gossip girl would say! I love reading your blog. It makes me miss you and Molly so so much!


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