My Grown Up Moments Over the Past Few Months

So…this blog is supposed to be about how I am changing and evolving from a student into a young, working, self sufficient adult. What mile stones have I hit over the past few months you ask?

1) Duh. I get a pay check every two weeks. Probably my favorite part of my new semi-adult life.

Side Note) Will I ever feel like a full-fledged adult? Liz (our office manager) said her daughter (a senior at Baylor -one of my kind) asked her the other day if they (her mom and dad) were disappointed because she is a senior and doesn’t have her life figured out. Liz responded to her daughter, “you’re 21. I’m (however many years old) and I don’t have my life figured out.” I certainly don’t. I don’t think you ever reach a point where you feel like what you assume an adult should feel like. We all feel like unsure, lost, vulnerable children sometimes.

2) I wake up every morning at 7 AM. Not really that early. I’m lucky and don’t have to be at work until 9. Still, in college I often started at 10 or later and if you feel like sleeping through class, you can every now and then. No sleeping through now. I’m a semi-adult and I go to a real job every day.

3) I go to sleep between 10 and 11 on most week nights, not because I am trying to be responsible, but because I am tired.

4) I have started thinking about how best to save my money. Retirement, I want to be a secure old lady. Possibly a wedding someday in the future (don’t start assuming people. I’m just thinking ahead –probably quite a ways ahead)…I just don’t want that cost on my parents or my someday husband. Why not save now?

5) I think about student loan repayments, taxes, and health insurance laws

6) I signed the lease on a one bedroom apartment. I have been terrified to live alone. I don’t know any girls who need a roommate, and the time has come…live alone it is. Nervous, but excited. Excited to have my own space. I’m on the hunt for fabric to recover my furniture with…my own space to decorate, that’s exciting. Jenna will come hang out. Lance will visit. Cami, Ryan, Katie —better all visit sometimes. And of course there is always my mom and my amazing grandmothers. Call me crazy, having my Nanna over for dinner or for a movie will be just as fun as having a girlfriend over. The women in my family have grown to become my closest friends of all (which I believe becomes number 7 on my list of ways I have become a semi-grown up).

And although I am growing into my kinda adult self, it’s always important to stay young at heart. Imagination is the key to a healthy heart and happy life. We can’t stop seeing the fantastic in life. My aunt always says “isn’t that the most fabulous thing you have ever seen?” Why can’t it all be “fabulous.”

Young at heart. Lance and I at Medieval Times for my 22 birthday. I paid 5 bucks for this picture because I thought it was so funny. The horses were my favorite part —that and the dragon soup and dragon scales.

Off to find fabric for my chair. Adieu.


3 thoughts on “My Grown Up Moments Over the Past Few Months

  1. I stumbled across your blog tonight and am so glad you are still keeping up with it! What great thoughts you have. I hope you’re doing well in your new “semi-adult” life. Come see me anytime you’re in the area!

    Take Care!


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