And On The Seventh Day…Rest: My Own Place

And on the seventh day…rest.

The first night here, Lance and I slept on my mattress on the living room floor with boxes all around. The next day brought with it more moving and unpacking. I didn’t sleep well at all that night, knowing that the next night I would be alone. The next night came and I was so exhausted I crashed without much of a worry.

After seven days of moving, then unpacking, cleaning, working, grocery stocking, and everything else…this kinda feels like home. And I am shocked to find myself enjoying this circumstance of which for months I was terrified. Oh silly self- why do you fret so?

One of my worst fears is to be alone in the world. Living alone seemed an embodiment of that fear.

But hooray! There is the Euless dog park, right across the street and full of people whose apartments are probably garnished with framed photos of their dogs.

I have found a community. The same people are out and about with their dogs most days after work and everyone is so eager to meet others, talk, laugh, and pet each others’ pups. The dogs love it, but I think secretly the people love to take themselves to this little green patch of social strike-up.

Of course, Molly can be a little anti-social with other dogs and much too frisbee focused, but none the less, I come home to howling rooo’s of excitement. As I struggle to change from slacks and heels to jeans and boots, she tosses her frisbee in the air with anticipation.

I’m still not done making my little “nest” (as my aunt put it), but I have surprised myself once again with my ability to conquer change, and I feel silly once more for worries about life-plots which I know are in God’s hand and plans.

AND—–Happy birthday to my wonderful mother! How I love her, I can not begin to count the ways.

I’ll snap some pictures soon. Who reads these days anyway? All people care about are pictures and videos online, right? Alas…who wants to read about someone else’s day to day life? Haha…you sucker! Cause you are reading this now.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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