The Forgotten Stuff

Whenever I see or hear of something neat, I snap a pic or take a video or save notes to blog about later. Most of the ideas end up sitting. Here are two videos from a few weekends ago. I would have titled the blog “Dancing Together: A Dog and a Child, and The Greek Orthodox Church” I guess that’s what I would have titled it.

Gracie, my seven (?) year old cousin spent the night with me. She wanted to have a dance party. After an hour and a half of dancing, which consisted of jumping up and down, spinning, and kicking our legs as fast we could, I was whipped. Molly took my spot as Gracie’s dance partner.

Jenna Stearns, one of my closest friends, Greek dances with the rest of the Greek dancing group at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church during their Greek Food Festival in Fort Worth. Jenna is a member of the church and the Goya (?) or youth leader of the high school students there.

Dog dancing and Greek Dancing all in the same weekend.


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