Going to a Cirque du Soleil show is the closest I have come to experiencing a different world. It is cliché to say it transports you to another world, but sitting there, you realize how amazing art can be and for a few hours, you feel like a child again – in awe of something truly amazing.

Friday Lance and I celebrated our Valentines (as Monday we won’t be in the same city). I came home to a surprise dinner, which he had made- wine and cheese, salad, seared Tuna, crab stuffed salmon, rice, and freshly sautéed vegetables, chocolate cream puffs for desert. Music played and he had set the table and fresh white, red, and pink roses were lit up in the candle light there on my table when I walked in the door. Am I not the luckiest girl in the world?

After dinner we hurried off to Frisco. I had bought us tickets to cirque du soleil’s Ovo. We drove up on the highway and saw humongous circus tents. We couldn’t figure out if the circus was there or if that was just where they practiced and kept costumes etc…( I thought I had heard that on the radio). But no, we walked up and it was in that big top!

The best part of the show: we were on our way to find our seats and there in the rows are man-sized grass hoppers! The costumes and make up were amazing…and I was so freaked out. I couldn’t even walk past them! When the grass hoppers cocked their heads and stuck their tongues out, Lance did the same thing right back to them, I was trying to get into another aisle. Between Lance mocking the insect men and my reaction, the whole section was laughing at us.
The show was incredible, just as Mystere was in Vegas. The dances were unreal; they moved as if they were actually insects. The costumes were fantastic- in the true meaning of the word, the music…superb, all live and the singer was only rows from us, and finally- the acts: the acrobatics, the gymnastics, the…I don’t even know the words for half of what we saw



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