Does It Sometimes Seem…

Does it sometimes seem as if for every year you grow older, ten minutes disappears from each of your days? I feel like my days get shorter every year. Where does the time go? Sometimes at work, I think it moves slowly…but with each day I work, as the months pile up, even the hours at work seem to pass more quickly.

One summer when I was an elementary school age girl, I remember laying on my mom’s bed in the middle of the day while she talked on the phone (I went through a stage where I liked to listen to my mom’s phone conversations. I guess you partly learn what it is to be a woman by listening to your mother talk on the phone with other women). Anyway, I laid eavesdropping on her bed and heard her say something about having to get school supplies soon.

What!! School supplies already! The summer just started! How can the whole summer have gone by!? My stomach turned. Every other summer of my short life had seemed to last for long, long, long stretches of time. This was the first moment I ever thought, “how can it have gone by so quickly?”

I really think each year takes at least ten minutes of your perception of time away so that each day seems shorter. And next year’s days will seem shorter than this year’s days, until one day – the days will just slip by entirely and we will be in a place where time does not exist. God is outside of time, right? Maybe we will slip right out of time into timelessness with him someday. Hmmm.

And all of these thoughts started because I didn’t find the time to clean my apartment today. And yet, I took a few minutes before bed to blog all of this. Perhaps I simply do not spend my time wisely…There will be time to vacuum tomorrow. “After all, tomorrow is another day.” – Gone with the wind (an appropriate title to quote – time: gone with the wind).

Good night World. See you in the morning.


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