“A letter to the future me” from me at 12

On May 17th, 2000, a teacher had my class write letters to our future selves. We were not to open these letters until 2010. This is the letter 12 year old me wrote to 21-22 year old me.

“How are you doing, I’m fine. I’ve finally gotten used to Wayside. What college did you go to? Do you like your job? How is mom, Casey, Riley, Dad? I want to be a lawer but I don’t know if I will. I might be a wrighter, I don’t know! Have my feet grown any I’m already at 8 1/2 I don’t want any bigger than that! Was Italy fun? I can’t wait! Hopefully you read this letter, if you don’t that means I didn’t make it to 21! From Whitney Tennison. May 17, 2000. 2:57 pm.”

Answers: Hello little self. Today was a tough day, but overall I’m doing well. You/ I went to Baylor and loved every minute there. You’ll enjoy your first real job –as a marketing coordinator for a home builder. You’ll learn a lot and like the people you work with. Your family is well, though roads have twisted in unanticipated directions over the years. You love them as dearly in 2011 as in 2000 and your parents have grown to be more than just your parents, but your friends. They’re smarter than you think. Law school is still an option, but you majored in Professional Writing, and you’ll write in some capacity always…your love for the written word only grows with time. You wear a 9 or 9 1/2 now, but you don’t mind. Italy was great. You’ve been three times now, but the first time is unforgettable and you’ll have so much fun. The best part will be spending time with Nan. You’ll always treasure that time with her. Remember that when you get homesick on the trip. And yes, you’ve read the letter and made it to 21 and beyond. I’m glad to have gotten a glimpse back at you, young self. I love your wonder at the possibilities in life.

And 12 year old me’s predictions for the future:

“I predict that Riley will win the lotery. I predict that gum will cost $5.00. I predict that Riley will change from blonde to brown hair. I predict that I will be sucsesful and happy and rich because I pay attention in school and have common sence. I predict my best friend will grow up and get married to my other best friend. I predict that my parents will stay together for ever like my great grandparents”

To another 10 years of success and happiness! May there by many to share it with!


3 thoughts on ““A letter to the future me” from me at 12

  1. That was great how you replied to yourself in an adult-like manner, but also “poked fun” w/ your 12 year old self! What does 21/22 year old self write to the future “10yr older” Whitney? There’s gotta be anticipation for furture dreams/inquiries…its what keeps us going…


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