Forever Comes Faster Than You’d Think

The past few weeks have triggered me to really think about life and what I want out of it. I was talking to a friend and she said something very nonchalantly that I thought was profound. “I think forever comes faster than you’d think.” I’ve heard people say that “life is short,” but this was a new take on a cliché saying. We take life and “forever” so seriously.

When I was around 6 (?) , I remember riding in the car with my mom and brothers on our way to the health center where my mom was going to work out. I was going to stay in the child care facility. The pool was being built at the time and I was told that I could go swimming when I was 13 or 14 (something like that). I remember counting the years on my fingers and thinking that it was forever away before I could swim with the big kids.

16 was at one time forever away. I’ve been driving for 7 years now. College was at one time a mere dream. I pictured myself, very fashionable, with a lap top typing away in a coffee shop; a mere dream forever away; Come and gone. 23…forever away; Here.  50 seems forever away; Yeah right. Forever comes faster than you think. Better enjoy life now. Better not take decisions to seriously. Why waste an hour of your life worrying?

A comedian I was listening to today on the radio said that in the end, we spend more time as dead people than alive people. We’re only alive for a second. We might as well be called people waiting to die…ok, it was funny when he said it and now it sounds morbid. But really, we are only a passing breath in this world. Forever comes faster than you’d think. Live well. Live worthwhile.


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