Breathe that in world and Re-dream

Youth is so inspiring.  There is something so pure and perfect about a young person dreaming about their future. It seems that many of us stop dreaming the “big dreams” the older we get. The negativity of “this is it” or “that’s too far-fetched” or  “I’m just so busy. So tired” or “there’s always time later” wears into daily mentality and renders us complacent. I find myself wondering at times if I have become static.

I just met a talkative 14-year-old girl at the dog park with huge dreams and a sea of questions and ideas. As she chatted confidently and interviewed with genuine interest, she learned that I majored in professional writing, but now work as a marketing coordinator for a homebuilder, and that I still write a little on the side. As an aspiring writer, and a literature enthusiast, she was more than excited to meet someone older than her who shares her interests and dreams. She’s writing a book, is 19 chapters in, loves to read, demonstrated knowledge of thought-provoking texts and authors, and most importantly she overflowed with excitement for life.

Breathe that in world: true excitement for a future untold.

Yes, she is young, but she is not the only person who can dream. You are not dead; You are breathing, moving, doing, waking up every morning. Life is still ahead of you and the possibilities have not diminished, but shifted. You may no longer have the knees to win an Olympic gold metal in Tennis, but there are an unending number of other roads to travel. Why should we stop dreaming big just because we are no longer children? I think it is time to re-dream. (I’ll have to ponder on this. What are my dreams–Other than having an awesome treehouse–?)

2011 MLB Playoffs Rangers Vs Tigers game 2

With Riley and team Bloomfield at Rangers vs. Tigers game 2 of 2011 playoffs. AMAZING!!!!!!

Pumpkin Arrangement Center Piece

My new fall center-piece. Thank you feed store. Molly likes it. Yes, she is sitting at the table.


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