Little Mermaid Cake

This cake was for a little girl, obsessed with mermaids, for her 3rd birthday. The family requested an Under the Sea/Little Mermaid theme. The cake is strawberry (little girl’s favorite) with cream cheese icing, covered with slightly marbleized light blue fondant. Fondant pearl edging, seaweed, fish, starfish, and coral adorn the cake and lend to the under the sea feel. Icing sprinkled with brown sugar creates the sandy-sweet sea floor and blue sprinkles highlight the fondant waves turning on the ocean bottom. Ariel and Flounder sit atop the cake with happy birthday wishes and Sebastian, also a gum paste creation, shouts his congratulations as he continues to search for the illustrious and sometimes mischievous  little mermaid. A gum paste sea shell with fondant pearl and fondant 3 are additional details on this happy 3 year old’s cake.

I saw the video of little Evelyn when her cake was brought out to her. All the detail and hard work paid off to see her little mouth drop open in surprise and admiration of the little mermaid. Then she started to pick off the pearls and place them in her mouth, which I thought was funny. Kids love to pick off the decorations and eat them. Yum, starfish!


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