Baylor Homecoming Come To An End Again… 2nd Year Returning

Hi. It’s Monday night. This morning, when I was pulling myself out of bed, I thought to myself, “I’m going to bed no later than 10:30.” That’s in ten minutes. What can I write in ten minutes?

This was my second homecoming to attend as a Baylor alumni. Again, I missed the parade. Sad. We got to Waco in time to eat at Vitek’s (a Waco-must-visit). The whole place is huge and really nice now. When I was in college, it was just this little building, and the line stretched out the door everyday.  I used to love waiting in that line because I could spy on Lance while he worked and made BBQ. The line still stretches out the door on homecoming, even with the massive new building and outdoor area.

We tailgated and saw old friends. I love seeing old friends. I didn’t take a camera. We won the game!! I wish that had have happened more often when I was in college. We went to Scruffs. Everyone evidently…oops I just started day dreaming and now my ten minutes is up. Anyway, everyone went to Scruffs and the line stretched around the building. While in line, we saw someone get pepper sprayed, a friend got kicked out, another friend got escorted out, we walked out and my feet hurt so bad by 2AM, which was 2 AM for another hour. The house we stayed at, people stayed up partying until the sun came up…not me. I slept and we drove home after lunch the next day.

It wasn’t the homecoming I had expected, but it was fun, entertaining, and I loved seeing everyone. So many things were different (I heard there is an Einstein’s Bagels in the SUB now -not fair) and it made me sad to see the places I loved so changed. But it just reminded me that it was not the place, but the people who made my college experience what it was. Baylor is beautiful, but it will continue to change, even though its heritage and tradition will always be remembered.

To all my Baylor friends – I love you and hope your lives are going the directions you dream of. For those near by, I’m glad you are. For those away, I hope we meet again. A twenty-minute post. Time for bed. Good Night world.

P.S – I tried to hem a pair of dress pants today. Disaster. I think the slight stretchiness of the pants requires slightly elastic thread. Blah. I’ll pay someone to do it.

Baylor Homecoming 2011

Baylor Homecoming 2011. Go Bears! Brad, Lance and I at the game against Missouri...that we won!


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