All Those Tics

I am out of notepads, so I flipped open an old, half-used journal to jot down some notes tonight. I found one of those forgotten little pieces, that when picked back up, made me smile. Here is a poem I wrote back in December of 2006, my senior year of high school.

All Those Tics

One day I feel ecstatic

The next day my struggles are traumatic

If I only I had somebody sympathtic

I wish I could meet someone didactic

I’d love to encounter someone romantic

I adore boys who are enthusiastic

And especially those who can be elastic

I really admire all those who are scholastic

And I’d fall right away for a guy with some tactic

The best kind of all are wholly charismatic

Whoever he is, the beat of my heart around him should be erratic

At meeting him, my fading dating days will be climactic

And my smile while with him will be galactic

The change in my worldly outlook will simply be drastic

When I meet this guy whose love for me is no less than dramatic

Then I’ll be more pragmatic

I’ll be a lot less melodramatic

And now the only thing problematic

Is meeting a guy, in real life, this symptomatic


And all of this was pre-Lance of course. Problem solved. Fantastic.


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