Japanese Noodles & Soup in Düsseldorf


Na Ni Wa Noodles and Soup

Japanese (Klosterstraße, near Oststraβe and Immermanstraβe)

During my first winter in Germany after leaving Texas, I was missing two things – heat in my bones and spicy food. Na Ni Wa gave me both and more. I have never craved soup and noodles, like I crave theirs in the winter. I’m sure their food is great in the summer too, but I love this place when the weather is cold or rainy. The interior is tiny, and you’ll have to wait to get a table. They don’t take reservations, and the line stretches outside. But the line isn’t as intimidating as it looks. There is a heater above the line, and they pass out menus so that you can decide what you want and order outside before you ever sit down. I’ve never felt rushed once I did sit down, so that isn’t a problem either.


I can personally recommend the N9 – I honestly don’t even know what is in it beside chili oil, pork, and noodles, but trust me – it’s delicious. Lance almost always gets the N15, which I have to say is really flavorful and tasty, but it has a lot of kick. It’s a little too spicy for me. I have had some other dishes that were just as soul satisfying as the N9, but I can’t remember the number! But I can tell you the grilled gyoza as an appetizer is soooooo good! You would be remiss not to order them.

When we have friends or family in town, we always recommend this place!


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