Our “Go-to” for German Food

Joh. Albrechts Exterior

Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht (Niederkassel)

This is our go-to restaurant. Lance claims it is the best restaurant in Düsseldorf, and he would be mad at my use of the word “claims.” Walking into Albrechts just feels right. It’s cozy and magical. Everywhere you look are quirky details that make the place that much more enduring.

Joh. Albrechts Interior

Mermen Chandelier

The wait staff is always smiling, friendly, and attentive to service. I’ve never had a bad wait time, though I do recommend making a reservation if you know you plan to dine here.

Everything we have eaten there has been delicious. They serve traditional German food, as well as a few dishes like flat bread pizza (the English menu calls it Torte) and even thai curry soup. I highly recommend the Schnitzel Jager Art (mushroom sauce), the pulled pork sandwhich, the brauhaus grill pan, the mushroom soup, and the classic torte. Really, everything we have tried has been amazing, and when we bring people here, they always rave.


And the beer…sigh. Not only do they brew their own Alt Beer, the traditional beer in Düsseldorf (which, I might add, is much better than Kӧlsch from rivaling Kӧln), they also brew a delicious craft beer, as well as a few other types. You can even buy a growler to take it home to enjoy (the bottle alone is pretty cool). And their paper coasters…I love them.

Warm and comforting inside in the winter, and lively and colorful outside in the summer, this is a good choice year round, rain or shine.

Their other locations and partners in Germany:






Dortmund -Schönes Leben (The Beautiful Life)


Not feeling German food, but want something really local?

Try some Japanese. Düsseldorf has the largest Japanese population in Europe. Read about my favorite Japanese place in town. 


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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