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Travel Itineraries, Missteps & Expat Tips

This space is two-fold: The travel side is devoted to destination plans, reviews and don’t-do-what-I-did’s. The lifestyle side is an eclectic review dropbox for almost-30’s -like me! At the moment those lifestyle bits and pieces are focused on Expat life in Düsseldorf, Germany. Eventually, I’ll have to (mixed feelings about this) transition back to life in Dallas, Texas – at which point, I’ll be reviewing more BBQ joints and Mexican food (yum).

Blackwater bay

The Travel Side

Planning travel is hard for me! I get irritated when I can’t find concise itineraries without all the reflective fluff.  I want to read about how the traveler screwed-up, so I can avoid the same mistakes! Mainly I want ideas of where and how I can build my own memories. So that’s what I write about.

So, if your interested in:

  • Concise Itineraries
  • Planning tips
  • Quirky finds
  • Hotel reviews (from someone who isn’t a princess, nor a hippie)
  • Recommendations for Food & Drink (…the way to my heart)
  • Learn-from-my-mistakes warnings (I’m a slice of chaos with a side of wanna-be organized)

then Load Up Molly may be for you! I’ll also try to post frequent guest posts, so contact me if you have itineraries you would like to share!

The Lifestyle Side

I’m originally from Fort Worth, but I’m lucky enough to be an expat in Düsseldorf, Germany right now. So, at least for now, the lifestyle side of this blog will be dedicated to the discoveries I make as an American living in Düsseldorf.

In this arena, I’ll cover:

  • Expat tips
  • More learn-from-my-mistakes cautionary tales
  • What-to-do and where-to-go ideas
  • Food & drink suggestions
  • Reviews of annual events
  • Tips for working in Germany as an American

Thanks for taking the time to check out Load Up Molly!

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