Meet Whitney

Meet Whitney

Who am I…?

Well, I dip my toes into an eclectic bit of a whole lot. I have a lot of hobbies, and I love trying new things. If I had to name my passion in one word, the word would be “creating”, because that word catches it all. Plus, I think it was C.S Lewis who said we are living in God’s image when we create (he’s THE creator, you know…)


When I read and write, I create a simultaneous sense of curiosity and knowing in my own soul. When I teach, I am creating a love of learning in my students. When I paint, draw, design, photograph, I create a tie that binds me to the beauty I see in the world. When I spend time with friends and family, I create meaningful bonds. And when I travel, when explore the world near and far, I create memories.

Last year, my BFF’s (AKA husband and dog) and I picked up our Texan roots and transplanted them into German soil, in Düsseldorf to be exact. And this blog is reborn out of that adventure. Read more about the purpose of LoadupMolly and it’s namesake if you fancy.


In The States, I lived my passion working as as English teacher in a high school, then middle school. But when given the opportunity to move abroad, I had the chance to live out another passion – Travel.  It only made sense to pursue a job teaching the English Language here in Germany. So, that’s what I do! I travel around the city and nearby areas as a freelance language trainer, talking to interesting people with all types of careers. If you are interested in information on freelance language teaching, feel free to send me a message. I plan to write a page about this.


Before starting my teaching career, I studied professional writing at Baylor University, I worked in marketing, and I mastered in Education at Southern Methodist University. Now days, my dream is to publish the middle grade fiction book I’m currently working on.


I always appreciate “likes,” I do a happy dance when I see someone is following my blog, and Oh, I love comments! Let me know what you think!