Why “Load Up Molly”

Why Load Up Molly

Old blog, new purpose, but the name still fits!

The name was inspired by my dog, Molly. When I started this blog, Molly was about a year old. I would say, “load up Molly,” and she would jump into my old, white Rodeo and follow me anywhere happily.


I thought to myself, I want that sense of adventure, that joy, that energy. I’ve always had to push myself through anxiety to extend my limits, to break out of my comfort zones, and to trust in God and the undulating flow of life. Molly’s spirit of joy and faith inspired me. Her head-out-the-window, wind-in-the-hair, paws-in-the-mud enthusiasm is how I wanted, and still want, to face life – difficult as it may be at times.

Originally the blog was simply a drop box for anything that ran through my college-aged head. Then for several years, it sat covered in cobwebs like an old inherited family home no one feels like fixing up. Now, it has a renewed purpose to capture my travel experiences in a way that can help others plan their own travel, and as a space to record information on living as an Expat in Düsseldorf. 

Overall, in the 8 years since I gave this blog a name, I’d say that I’ve been living in the spirit of it’s namesake. And that’s something to be proud of.


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